The Lotus Massage and Apothecary

100 Maple, Wyandotte, MI, 48192

The Lotus Massage and Apothecary

100 Maple

Wyandotte, MI, 48192

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[11/09/20]   I am a subsidiary of Grosse Ile Massage, check me out on my other page, as its my parent business. Namaste.
I am a lovely suite for you to leave the world behind and relax in safety, comfort, and love.
[07/23/20]   Hello there, welcome to The Lotus Massage and Apothecary, coming soon!
[05/29/20]   Hello there, I am writing to say hello and wondering if my maker will make me a real brick and mortar soon.
Grosse Ile Massage This therapeutic massage business, Grosse Ile Massage, which technically is a very simple office on the main drag of an island in between Canada and Detroit, has helped me buy this house. So for anyone out there who has EVER come in for a massage and those of you who always come for your monthly scheduled appointment, thank you so much! Please feel free to schedule a massage for you or someone you love this holiday season. I also have some lotions and oils to sell, with the highest grade of essential oils and the best base creams for your skin. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
[09/23/17]   I am looking forward to a new moon.
[05/24/17]   Hello there page of ground floor.
[03/22/17]   I need to start on this business development soon.
[02/28/17]   Hello there.
[01/08/17]   WILL I BECOME REAL?
[11/19/16]   Please don't scrap me Facebook, I am just an idea right now.
[10/20/16]   Abracadabra.
[09/29/16]   I invite you to try some medicinal aromatherapy.
[09/01/16]   Coming soon.
[07/05/16]   Coming soon to a theatre near you.
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The Lotus Massage and Apothecary

The Lotus Massage and Apothecary

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