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[09/16/20]   Yoga tomorrow! Slow flow 6pm Yin 7:30pm
1609 Ford Ave Wyandotte
Be proud of who you are and not ashamed of how someone else sees you 🌻

Self Love. Unity. Balance.
[06/17/20]   You can now book appointments for facials and microblading! New yoga and fitness calendar will be posted soon! Also use the self Love center for your next party as we are now renting out our studio and custom bar for events! Pictures to follow 💜
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[06/13/20]   Cleaning at the studio today so we can open this week!! Stay posted for details 🦋
Flaneur : a person who strolls the city in order to experience it. "Deliberately aimless"

Feeling the European vibes today 🌎
Come join US 🌏- anyone from anywhere can join. Comment or like and I will reach out to you personally with everything you need to know to get started!

Namaste 🕉
[04/23/20]   Yoga launches this week via Zoom 💜 I will be posting the schedule soon for monthly members. Message or comment to join US 🌏
We all have them. I invite you to close your eyes and ground yourself today. Truly center your emotions and your body. Think about the strength and power you hold inside. Let that powerful voice inside of you get LOUDER ✨ listen to it. Do this every morning or night. Make it a habit. And let those excuses be a thing in your past.

Head set ✨ Heart set ✨ Soul set

Grateful xo
[04/22/20]   🌿Bet you didn't know that we sell CBD products from Hemp Meds the first publicly traded cannabis company in the United States. They were the first to establish a global CBD pipeline, shipping CBD products safely and legally around the world.

Finally you can shop for CBD with confidence. Hemp Meds products are tested among the most comprehensive in the industry and includes label accuracy with no , pesticides, heavy metals, bacteria, mycotoxins, and terpenes. Look for the Remedy Review Seal when buying CBD and be sure you’re buying a quality product.

🌕Everything from oil tinctures to sleep vitamins to caffeine chews.
✨The oils can be taken orally 1-3 times daily. I like to even mix them in my teas and seltzer waters✨

Green CBD tincture 1000mg 4oz $118.99
500mg 2oz $68.99

Blue tincture 1000mg 4oz $128.99
500mg 2oz $78.99

Gold tincture 1000mg 4oz $138.99
500mg 2oz $84.99

Sleep Support 30 capsules $59.99 15mg CBD
Contains D3, Vitamin E, Melatonin, Passion flower and camomile.

Digestive Support 30 capsules $59.99 15mg CBD-Contains Vitamins D3 and E, fennel seed and peppermint leaf.

Watermelon Gummies 10mg CBD 30 count $49.99
10 count 10mg $19.99

Botanical kicks (Sour Apple/Chocolate) 30 count 5mg CBD 100mg caffeine $49.99
☕️ when you don't want to drink the coffee but still need that kick

Body Oil 1oz 500mg $84.99- I add this to the lotions I already use. It helps with that sore feeling after I work out.
🌏Please share with friends that are looking for quality CBD products.

Keep them if you have them or find them ♥️

And BE a good friend too ♥️
We have workout apparel! Booty Bands and gliders 🍑

Working out from home with our Flourishing group has kept myself and many women GOING during this time. But everything seems to be sold out online! Luckily we still have products to get you through 🦋

Outfits S/M/L grey blue/black/pink $80/+tax
booty bands S/M/L $40/+tax
Gliders $30/+tax
Resistance band sets SOLD OUT ❌

Message me for your porch drop off or pickup TODAY !

✨Head set. Heart set. Soul set. ✨

Keep Going 💜
💜Happy Easter to You and your families

💜What are your goals this week?

💜Who's with US ???

🦋Head set. Heart set. Soul set.🦋
Some of us are bored and it shows. Some of us are doing home projects. Hence my missing trim. But one things for sure. There is this rare opportunity to get to work and make changes for the better. There's no time like NOW! The excuse I'm too busy is no longer valid. I became a coach because I have been inspired by all the coaches that didn't listen to my stories and pushed me to do my absolute best. I see things in people that most don't. I know some of you are hurting and are looking for that push. Im here to tell you that you can make changes just by getting offf your ASS 🍑 but don't do it for me. Don't do it for your spouse or your kids. Do it for yourself! Put yourself on the list. We have a large group of women on our FLOURISH 🦋 zoom workouts and in our support group with coach Jessica and these women are making major changes. The insides are matching the outsides and they are literally shining new light from within. They motivate me. Support and community are crucial. What's stopping you? What stories have you told yourself? You're important too just Incase you haven't heard that lately.

Also new BUTT muscles are nice 🍑💜☺️

🦋F L O U R I S H 🦋
MON-SAT 10am
Via zoom

Message me for details 🦋🍑💜
Our booty boot camp girls haven't stopped!! And we have a whole new girl gang on our zoom workouts already. Let us support you during these times. Support and community are huge during these times. Let us support you physically and mentally. Flourish with us during quarantine 🦋

Use this opportunity to create healthy habits 🌎

Message or text for details

Happy thoughts 🌻 healing love being sent your way!!
Hello there 🌻

I'm Ciara and I am a passionate, powerful, and loving leader.

I sank into sadness two Monday's ago when I had to shut down the Self Love center. I felt lost because my goals and passions at the time felt robbed..I am a person of purpose and service. I don't know how to stop. I only know how to go. So I'm here to tell you that if you are like me..pull yourself out. Get connected find a hobby..make your living room the workout studio. Call someone and help them get out of their hole! Helping someone is the best medicine for this. We are being tested by the universe right now. Can humanity pull it together and use their resources for the greater good in UNITY ? Or will we lose our SH*T?!! I believe we can. People are crying out for it. Check on the ones you love. I would even go as far as to check on someone you don't necessarily like. Let's clean the scores people and come together as one. Set aside our differences of opinions...because most of them vary...but that's what makes each one of us so special. Respect each other. We are the lucky ones to be here breathing each day.I believe my soul chose this life and there's a bigger purpose I'm not aware of what just yet. But I can feel it and when things shift I will be ready. Let's get ready together ♥️

✨share your photos and/or ways you are staying connected balanced and unified below 👇🏼

Self Love. Unity. Balance. 🌎🌻🧘🏻‍♀️
[03/16/20]   We will be Closing temporarily for the health and safety of others.

During these confusing times let's not jump to fear, judgement, or irrational thinking. Put good things out there. If we all do this just 5 % more than we are now imagine the difference in our community. Now is the time for a great change. Change our ways of thinking to BEING more compassionate, loving, kind ect.

Sending all my love and positivity to you and your families at this time. TRUST that everything will be ok and exactly as it should be right now. Do things to keep your brain healthy and your minds happy during these times.

Self Love. Unity. Balance.

Xoxo Ciara Brooks
Today I struggled with wether or not to let fear control me. I decided that what works best for me is living my life and continuing on with the things that do keep me healthy and happy. Some people may choose to agree or disagree. All choices to me are neither negative or positive but rather neutral. Do what serves you best during this time.

Self Love. Unity. Balance.
Do you struggle with following through on your work outs? Are you ready to do something about it? Most of these women are pushing well past what they did less than three weeks ago when they started. And are learning how to confidently work out. Lean tone muscles are the goal over eight weeks. You will be held accountable while having support along the way. It's time to put YOU first. Everything else will naturally rise up from there.

Limited spots for the ASS class that starts Monday March 16th with Jessica.

Mondays and Wednesday's 10am for eight weeks. You can do it!

Heart set. Mindset. Soul set.

Xoxo Ciara Brooks
Comment LOVE for a free one card reading
✨ASS CLASS round 2!

✨Happy Friday you divine goddesses ✨
We had such a huge response we had to keep it going! Half of this class is already full. So if you're interested message or call ASAP to reserve your spot.

This class has been so fun to be a part of. The women already in this class are growing, learning, burning, and putting in the work! Learn to release all self doubt and create bonds with positive women all on the same path. Community and support are important when putting healthy habits in to place. Let us support you 🖤

Self Love. Unity. Balance.
☯️Currently open 10a-7p daily. Our hours may change as time goes on and our community grows.

Put yourself on the list today. For a few years I didn’t put myself first let alone on the list at all. Why do we do this? Why do we take care of our husbands, kids, friends etc...needs before our own. Squeeze in some YOU time.

🖤Message or call to put yourself on the list.
Peach Queens 🍑✨

Last night kicked my ASS and I didn't get to do the full workout like you. Also woke up feeling like I have Definition in my abs 🖤

👏🏼 Great job!!!! Loved all the sweat in that room. And the message that Jess gave us was so perfect ♥️ Don't quit on yourself!!!! She's tough but she creates results. Internally and externally. That's the goal goddesses ✨

See you tomorrow at 6!! Drink your water and make sure you eat tomorrow 🧘🏻‍♀️💋

#yinandyang #queenjess #cheekypeachy #Assclass #girlgang #jnsq #selflovecenter
Come see Tammy for your readings. She is here Monday's and Tuesday's 12-7
Attention anyone looking for a way to connect and spend some quality time with their partner 🗣

Here is a way to set aside some time this month to tend to your relationship ♥️

You will learn to tune into the needs and wants of your partner and yourself. Learn about one another's preferences and tolerances for pressure through massage, stretching, reflexology and energy manipulation.

Keep it spicy friends 🌶
✨March 1st! It's official. We are opening the doors to the public at Je Ne Sais Quoi ✨

🍑Ass class launches that day as well

🧘🏻‍♀️Book your massages and facials by messaging or calling me.

🌻energy is contagious and this place is already lighting up! Come be a part of the magic.

Now accepting clients for coaching, yoga, and guided meditation. If you need support in getting back on track or just need a zen spot to unwind...this is it girls☕️

Self Love. Unity. Balance.

Believe it or not Spring is almost here ☀️Something about Spring makes us want to clean out our closets, develop a healthy routine, and get HAPPY! If you fell off a bit after the New Year..that's OK..but it's never too late to jump back on. Being consistent takes effort. When I started my fitness journey..I needed support. I didn't know where to begin. I wasn't confident in myself. All these girls with bootys and here I am clueless about where to begin and how to start. Luckily I didn't sit around and waste time. I pushed myself to get in the gym even on days I didn't want to..and guess what?! I learned to love it!! I replaced bad habits with healthy ones. And ultimately it changed my life. It changed my outlook on MYSELF. This girl right here supported me on my journey and didn't let me quit. She held me accountable. Accountability partners and community are so important not only in regards to your physical journey but your overall self development. At JNSQ that's what we stand for. Let's support each other and build a community of like hearted women 🖤Be the first girl gang to build this community and your ASS 🖤 message us to reserve your spot. Classes start March 1st!

Self Love. Unity. Balance.

With Love 💕
Ciara Brooks
✨Crystal Elixir water bottles are in and we are in love ✨ these generate energy, clarity and positivity as well as promote healthy radiant skin. Plus who doesn't love crystals?!! Everyone notices mine and wants to know where to get one. Available in:

Rose Quartz
Amber Quartz
✨Booking readings by appointment only until our official opening February 10th!! Now taking appointments for all spa services as well. Facials massages and cryotherapy unit ✨

We appreciate your patience as we are just getting started. Come see us on February 10th and any day after that. Treat yourself You deserve it! Im open for appointments. Ill be reading at Je Ne Sais Quoi by appointment only until the 10th of February! Valentine's day is around the corner so make an appointment and let's sort out your love life ✨✨
Wow ✨ What a weekend ✨ check this girl out! She is literally creating magic. All because she followed her dreams to pursue her passion in photography 🖤 We really do have what it takes to create the life we envision when we follow our inner voice. I'm loving all the women in my life that are standing for other women and their dreams ✨ Grateful. Thank you Jo 🙏🏼

Currently booking readings 🔮 Here's a little sneak peek of what phenomenal things my amazing friend & entrepreneur, Ciara, is bringing to her business, Je Ne Sais Quoi! 🔮✨

She had a full house for her soft opening party for The Lunar New Year! 🌙🌑💫 so proud of all of the hard work she has poured into this business, it is going to be an amazing sanctuary for women to empower and lift each other up! Thank you for letting us be a part of your special day, You are one in a million girlfriend! 🌟

More photos to come! ✨
[01/26/20]   I just want to thank all the ladies that came out and contributed and supported our Self Love Center last night. The love and support doesn't go unnoticed ladies 🖤🙏🏼🌙 this is going to be amazing! You girls are all so beautiful inside and out!
[01/25/20]   1609 Ford Ave Wyandotte Michigan
Self Love. Unity. Balance.
Who's ready for a party?! A Lunar New Year party 🌙✨ we will have guest bar tenders creating CBD infused teas and mock-tails to satisfy ✨ this event is going to be so MAGICAL and EMPOWERING ✨ See you Saturday 🌙

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