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Coco Beauty Academy
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May we have a better year and thrive more than ever !!
Check out these Gorgeous Brows!!

Brows truly can change your whole face !!

Try out a Brow Shape today💕
Nothing like some gorgeous brows 😍
I l❤️ve to post real work.
I l💜ve that I bring such a diverse clientele .
I l❤️ve that I can connect with most people of all ages.
I l❤️ve making other people's days by doing something simple as eyebrows.

Pictured below, my client's main concern was the grey in her eyebrows. A lot of the times hair is white not grey....meaning sooo hard almost impossible to dye ,since the hair is So coarse, the dye practically is just sitting on top and wiping off (not actually processing in the hair🥺).

Lighting wasn't the same since she was standing up for the after ....but it looks a great deal better😁

But we got them to where she walked out with a smile😊, and that for me is plenty enough!!
[11/24/20]   Gorgeous Brow shaping & tinting
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Online Booking Available 24/7
This is Microshading(permanent makeup)aka Powder Brows aka Eyebrow Tattooing.
This is great for Dry to Oily Skin
⏳Lasts 1-3 years (depending on skin type & Lifestyle)
🕒Takes 2-4.5 hrs (from predrawing to procedure)
✔️Numbing used
✔️Perfect for those who desire a filled in makeup effect 👩‍🎨
✔️ Perfect for those with little to no hair😁
✔️Great for those who just want Crisp Brows 😍
💥Free 15 minute consult 💥
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Coco Beauty Academy's cover photo
Some eyebrow transformation for you to admire on this Saturday 🥰

Book Online 24/7
These are examples of the different Tint shades Coco has available for you !!

The same shade can look different on each person since every person has different colored skin & undertones.

I will custom make the best shade suitable for you !😊

Be sure to book your brow appointment today.
Convenient 24/7 Online Booking Available 👇
Super Soft & Subtle Tint for a Natural Look 💕
They are ladies😎📸
DROP A GIF of how true this is to you!😁
Don't forget to book that appt.w/CoCo
My love and appreciation goes out to my clients!!🥰
A post that's a little late....but better late than never !!😁

⚠️NOTE : I dont offer acrylic only gel manicures(aka shellac)⚠️
⭐️CoCo B is here for you through it all!⭐️

Book with CoCo today!
Yes, we offer Gel Polish (shellac)Manicures!

For the month of 🎃October receive 1 FREE Design (a couple of rhinestones OR selected art in store. Expires 10/31/2020 )
Time for Transformation Fun!!🥳

Tag @ a friend who desperately needs their nails taken care of!

I'm talkin' extremely overgrown cuticles/short bitten nails!

I'll choose only ➡️5 candidates to get a Full Nail Transformation for 50% Off .... Additional details will be inboxed.

I really want to do some transformation videos for fun and thought this may be a great way (sorry, not accepting new clients)💕
Tint anyone?!?😍

Be sure to add tint to your next brow service, I know you'll love it!

Don't wish for beautiful brows, make your appointment at Coco B Beautique today.👇👇

💎 Book today!

Share so that your friends can be apart of this wonderful art I’m sending out into the world🌎
Natural Clean Shape w/ tint to temporary fill in the sparse areas.

24/7 Convenient Online Access 👇👇
🤔 What do yours say?

Book an appointment with Coco today!

Book here—-> 🎉

Tip #5 Get your eyebrows professional shaped.

It’s most beneficial for your eyebrows to get them waxed and tinted by a professional. 💕

Book an appointment today! 🙌🏼🙌🏼

Book here—-> 🎉
Book your appointment today! 💕
Tip #4 Brush to stimulate hair growth

🚨Be sure to brush with the natural direction of growth
💎 I’ll take all diamonds💎

What will it be for you?

Book now at Coco B’s Beautique🎉Wednesday- Saturday!

It’s time for you to treat yourself!💕

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Tip #3 Moisturize

Keep those beautiful brows moisturized. You can promote healthy growth by locking in moisture and strengthening your skin barrier.

Some moisturizers to use
⭐️Coconut oil
⭐️Castor oil
⭐️Almond oil
⭐️Olive oil w/Vitamin E
SHARE if you LOVE these "Brows of The Day" by Coco 😍😍

NOTE: Tint color is customized to better suit your personal desired look.

Tint is only a temporary dye that colors the hair while staining the skin for a temporary full appearance. This is a great solution for light hair!😃

You'll love it and wish you booked sooner!
24/7 Convenient Online Booking 📅🗓
⭐️You know it’s true!

Which one is yours?

Mine is the left 😎
🚨Daily Eyebrow Health Tip

Did you know a common cause for eyebrow loss is the use of cheap tweezers?!😱

🎉This is why CoCo uses only top quality tweezers and supplies when working her magic🤩

⭐️If you can’t make it to CoCo be sure to purchase high quality tweezers as cheap tweezers can break the hair, as opposed to pulling the entire stand out.

😮Did you know over plucking can cause eyebrow hair loss and balding?!
🚨CoCo will have a tip on having healthy eyebrows for us each day this week🙌🏼🙌🏼

Tip# 1 Diet
Did you know that your diet places a large role in having healthy eyebrows? 😯

🤩 By getting sufficient minerals and nutrients in our bodies it can prevent us from having thin, patchy eye brows and can prevent hair loss in general!

Get lots of:
⭐️B vitamins
⭐️Meats (or your dose of protein/iron)
⭐️Lots green vegetables.
⭐️ Biotin (This a vitamin that promotes hair growth)
Bonus: Also, don’t forget Lots Of Water!
Hope you are enjoying your Sunday!☀️

Let’s get ready for the week.

CoCo wants to know....
🎉Book Wednesday- Saturday!

It’s time for you to treat yourself!💕

Book here👉🏼
Here's another pic of my gorgey client 💕 with her brows defined a bit more using a darker tint.

Usually clients get a tad nervous their first time Tinting their brows (eyebrow dye), so they opt for a more natural shade, until they realize they love the compliments😏😜

The lighter the Tint , the less time the Tint will last. The darker the tint the faster it processes and longer it lasts...I usually customize shades to better suite your skin undertones or preference.😁

Book Online Anytime...24/7
So I'm gonna let you guys know something about me and my work.....

I take A LOT OF PRIDE in all of my work!
I make sure to allot plenty of time & pay close attention to detail as if I was doing my own brows.....just know that I don't wax on- wax off & shove you out the door👋

I DO NOT and WILL NOT Tint(temporary brow dye) outside of your natural Eyebrow, just to create an "Instagram Perfect Brow" for my portfolio.

The reason being is....⬇️⬇️⬇️
when you add Tint/Pencil/Powder outside of your Brows to give you that beautiful shape,
it WILL LOOK great for a good 7 days or so, BUT when it fades, you will see the real brow shape result🧐

Which, may not be anything near that
"Instagram Brow" Finish you walked out with.
Although I do this upon request, I am hoping you understand that I don't like to deliver false advertisement.

My goal for every brow client is to maintain that beautiful shape for as long as possible when Tint has faded💕

For over 10 years I have built a pretty well reputation and will continue to do my best to accommodate and put out the best results possible 💕

🗣 As always, I want to give a HUGE shoutout to all of my loyal clientele for all of your love & support throughout the years. If it wasn't for YOU , I wouldn't think Dreams could turn into reality. 💪🙌
Another gorgeous Brow Transformation
by Coco

Convenient 24/7 Online Booking 😁
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"Coco B Beautique" page

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