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The Law Offices of Thomas Quartz, PLC DBA Michigan Accident Associates We are a holistic law firm. What does that mean? It means we know you don’t come see us unless you are likely stressed and we want to reduce that. That’s why we offer free meditation and free yoga to our clients as well as always having a person ready to just listen. First person to comment will be awarded two free massage certificates for a licensed massage therapist to come to you. Live stress free. Today is Aleister Crowley's Birthday (12th October 1875). Born Edward Alexander Crowley, he was an accomplished mountaineer, artist, poet, chemist and occultist who is most well known for his esoteric books. He studied at Cambridge then travelled widely, and was amongst the earliest westerners to study and bring back and translate the key works of Eastern Philosophy. In his youth he was part of a team of mountaineers who very nearly climbed the then un-climbed K2. He was deeply involved in the world of fringe Freemasonry and magical orders, most notably The Golden Dawn alongside all the great and good of the day (artists/poets/authors) and the Order of Oriental Templars. Although vilified during his own lifetime by the tabloid press and accused of being a traitor, it has since come to light that during the wars he spied for the allies. Labelled "The Wickedest Man in The World" he often courted controversy and led a very liberal lifestyle that would probably hardly raise an eyebrow today but did back then. Keenly interested in personal freedom and the discovery and fulfilment of ones own personal destiny, he founded his own religious/philosophical movement which he called "Thelema" and which stated "Do What Thou Wilt" a counter culture statement of freedom embraced in the sixties but often misunderstood to mean do what you like! He was featured on the cover of the Beatles Sgt Peppers Album and John Lennon was a fan apparently, as was Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, who bought Crowley's old home (Boleskine house). He died 1st December 1947. A complex and controversial person no doubt, a man ahead of his time, but a man who certainly left his mark on the world! For those interested in reading more about him I highly recommend the excellent biographies; Aleister Crowley by Tobias Churton or Perdurabo: The Life of Aleister Crowley by Richard Kaczynski.
[09/22/20]   Pagan lawyer available please message if you have legal needs. Lifestyle Practices: They Never Leave Us – Dealing With Grief During Covid-19 Article written by Black Magic psychic Vincent. Navigating grief during these trying times Written By Vincent Elliot Jackson, Jr., contributing columnist for The Astonishing Tales Digital Magazine and metaphysical specialist in the mystic arts at Detroit Psychic For more about Vincent, y…
[07/04/20]   Full moon ritual tomorrow 8pm message me for details free.
[07/04/20]   Full moon meet up tomorrow at 8pm free ritual message for details
She's Magic & Midnight Lace
[06/28/20]   Top secret ritual tonight at super super cool undisclosed location. Message me for details.
Dank Meme Bank I mean...
"Dudes tried to kill me twice, Voodoo may of made them miss."-Rick Ross Some spell work tonight on Friday the 13th full moon. The hanging green things are some unlucky use to be witches.
Midsummer ritual.
[06/21/20]   Ritual starts at 8 message for details :)
Black Magic litha celebration June 21st at 8pm ritual and feast one of the 8 holy Wicca holidays. Free. Message to join all welcome 🙂
Black Magic litha celebration June 21st at 8pm ritual and feast one of the 8 holy Wicca holidays. Free. Message to join all welcome 🙂
[06/18/20]   litha celebration June 21st at 8pm ritual and feast one of the 8 holy Wicca holidays. Free. Message to join all welcome 🙂
The Parker Zone
My new door 🚪
[06/04/20]   Full moon ritual tomorrow at 8pm who's in?
[06/04/20]   You ever have trouble sleeping because all you can think about is all the cool witchy stuff you want to do?
[05/26/20]   Free fire wood. Just chopped down three trees come pick up as much as you want to light your fires for rituals
Larry Sharpe, Libertarian Government uses morality to make laws that have no victim. Victimless crimes shouldn’t be crimes at all.

#LarrySharpe #Libertarian
[05/25/20]   I've decided to drop out of society and start my own tribe. #To join below #Normal is boring
The Witches Brew 🤣🤣😈🤣🤣
The Riddles of the Witch
[05/07/20]   Full moon ritual tonight at 8pm if anyone wants to join just message
[05/05/20]   Want to learn how to become a witch. 1st degree Thursday at 7 it’s free. Message me for details
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[04/30/20]   Free yoga tonight on zoom at 7 message for log in 🙂
[04/30/20]   Beltane celebration tomorrow at 8pm. Message us for details. Make a meal for yourself to eat. We will do a small ritual. And free hand fasting ceremony for you and your lover if you tell me soon :)
Earth My Body "Earth My Body", from the CD 'EARTH WATER AIR FIRE" available at (the CD includes a booklet with words and chords to a...
Yoga anyone? Come join US 🌏- anyone from anywhere can join. Comment or like and I will reach out to you personally with everything you need to know to get started!

Namaste 🕉
This is what Sunday night religion looks like around these parts.
Black Magic Speak now or forever hold your peace ahahha. Message or comment if you have not and want to join us tonight. Want to learn to become a witch free 1st degree. Tomorrow at 8 pm.

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