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Andrea's Fitness and Training New schedule is up for December. I will see how much interest I have and decide from there if it will run 3 or 4 weeks. If I do 4 weeks then the Wednesday morning class will fall on Christmas Eve. Please help me spread the word and share with others. As always I greatly appreciate all of you and your dedication to me. I am an Elite personal Trainer offering personal training,small group training, group classes and nutritional coaching. National Kale Day: 6 Recipes Where Kale is Killing it ...
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!!! haha :D
Today's bounty from the garden. Any guess on what dinner will be tonight?
[08/24/14]   *New classes begin Monday September 15th

I will be trying something new this fall by running the session for 10 weeks.
Price: I class a week for 10 weeks(10 classes) $55.00
2 classes a week(20 classes) $100.00
* I will need to have at least 6 people in each class in order to teach.

Mondays: 4:30-5:30 pm and 6:00-7:00 pm
C.S.I (Cardio Strength Intervals): Get the best of both worlds! You’ll burn fat and challenge YOUR body in this class that combines intervals of cardio and strength training exercises using a variety of equipment including steps, weights, resistance bands and more.

Tuesdays: 6:00-6:45 pm
Yoga Stretch Max and Core Conditioning: This total body conditioning class will use the power of your own body weight to tone muscles, gain flexibility and strength by synchronizing movement with breath. Stretches, poses and breathing exercises build energy, boost metabolism, stimulate circulation and restore overall vitality while improving posture, strengthening muscles and reducing stress and tension.

Wednesdays: 8:30-9:30 AM and 6:00-7:00 pm
Cardio Fusion Camp: Combining ALL your favorites into one! Cardio, weights, kickboxing and more to create a great total body workout.

Please feel free to share with others. Thank you!!!!
[08/07/14]   Today I'm picking, drying, grinding and packaging herbs to use at a later date!
Herbs add a lot of flavor to a dish without all of the calories!
This is possibly going on my menu. It's a Cuban rice bowl with lots of goodies! And... It's vegan friendly!
[07/16/14]   Did you know that as a personal chef, I prepare meals in the safety of my clients home? I also cook healthy meals made from scratch...that means that you will never eat anything with from a box and NO preservatives will ever touch your lips when I am cooking!!!
Please feel free to share my page with others! As a small business, I truly appreciate the shares!!!
Having a great day spending time In the kitchen testing recipes for my menu. Homemade pesto.... Check!!!
[05/16/14]   Would you like to hear more about what I do as a personal chef or do you know someone that would be interested in my services? I offer free consultations!
[05/13/14]   What is your favorite meal to prepare?
[05/07/14]   Want to do something special for your Mom, wife, daughter or special lady in your life? I offer gift certificates for my personal chef service!
[05/06/14]   I will be working on and adding a few tasty things to my menu for the summer months!
Please make sure you check out my website and as always I appreciate any questions that you may have.
[05/04/14]   Started my Sunday morning out right with a nice run(no wind or rain) and now to get ready for church. After... Well, I think I will get in the kitchen and try a couple of new recipes for my menu! Enjoy your day everyone!!!
I Love true it is!!
foodfitness Let me know what you think. Thank you all for the support!
[04/24/14]   Excited to announce that my website should be ready to publish this weekend. Just putting the final touches on my menu and a few other things! A huge thank you goes to Delaney Cullen for all of her dedication and hard work that she has put into this!
Please feel free to share my page with others! Thank you!!
[04/15/14]   Today I am cooking for a client in the safety of their home where they will come home to a freezer full of healthy delicious meals.
Interested in how this works? Message me for more info and I will be happy to tell you what I do!!
[04/02/14]   I'm taking a survey to help me better serve my clients.
If you were to hire a personal chef to cook your meals for the week, would you request and pay more for Organic?
[03/22/14]   Spending part of my day in the kitchen testing new healthy recipes for clients!
This looks like it would make an awesome treat!
Make the right choice. Food is fuel to your body, so fuel it right!!!
[03/09/14]   I'm so excited to be cooking for my very first client tomorrow. They will arrive home to healthy homemade entrees to enjoy at their convinence!
[03/04/14]   What is your favorite healthy meal?
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[02/27/14]   Stay tuned... More info coming!!

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