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YAY! We just released four new essential oil fragrances!
*Tee Tree
What a PERFECT gift for Mother's Day!
Chris Myers-It Works Global
Check it out ladies! For those of you who have spider veins/varicose veins, Erin used our defining gel for a week and 👀 at the results!
It all starts with ONE goal! If you think you CAN'T do this then your sadly mistaken! It only takes a few steps to earn this bonus which I can teach you! Who's ready to earn a $500 bonus!?
That's right! I have 5️⃣ SPOTS OPEN so you can take advantage of the BOGO wrap deal! Buy 1 📦 get 1 📦 FREE! $200 retail value for $59! 8 wraps help you complete 2 full treatments! Look👀 in the comments for other people's wrap results! Call 517.214.3190 to order or send me a message!
YES YES YES!😱 BOGO WRAPS ARE BACK GUYS! BUY 1️⃣ box and get another box 🆓 That's 8 wraps and 2 FULL treatments!
This is a retail value of $200 and you get 2 boxes for $59! If you have ever wanted to wrap, NOW is the best time!
Msg me📲 so we can get you all set!
FINALLY! I'm so excited to try this wonderful gem! It's vital Core, Minerals and Omega-3 in one convenient pack! 3️⃣0️⃣ packs for 3️⃣0️⃣ days! 3️⃣ vitamins in 1️⃣❗️Talk🗣 about major 💵 SAVINGS!💰
*Fight minor joint inflammation and stiffness
*Boost your body's own formation of joint cartilage
*Experience greater joint flexibility and movement
*Naturally based glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate formula
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THIS RIGHT HERE is exactly WHY I am an it works distributor! It's stories such as Alex's that brings tears to my eyes! My intention with the company has always been to help someone in one way or another may it be to live healthier or make some extra cash! Please take a moment and read the story below💚Keep in mind this is NOT your typical it works testimony in regards to gaining financial freedom BUT to gaining life longevity
Products for $3️⃣0️⃣ and 👇🏻and now essential oils⁉️ lots has been happening over the last few months!
How many people have been to a wrap party? What did you think? Were there maybe some products mentioned that weren't there? I'm going to host a wrap party soon and I want YOUR INPUT! What products as the guest do YOU want to see?
Do you want to see the ENTIRE skincare line? Supplement line? Greens line? Cast your vote Below👇🏻
ACNE! We hate it and we feel self-conscious but have u ever thought MAYBE the reason your not clearing up isn't because of your acne but MAYBE what your putting on your skin? I've done the research and it's actually quite scary what chemicals are found in some top selling brands and that's why this amazing duo is the only thing I've used for the last year!
Chris Myers-It Works Global
Photo on right was last weeks wrap and photo on the left was done tonight. Loving the results!
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