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[07/09/17]   Thank you all so much,
for rearranging your morning
appoitments so I can care for
my mom. It is very much appreciated.
I may not be but my hair is!πŸ€—
She is ADORABLE inside and out!!
Shags are coming BACK!
From brown to rich red.
[email protected]
I love this lady! She gives me a WORKOUT
Sue's went to her natural color!
"Gorgeous" we layered it & I love all her
Natural curls! She is such a joy to be
My friend is such a beautiful person inside and out + my [email protected]πŸ˜‰
Mason Thomas!πŸ˜™
I love his red hair!
Wanda got rid of the afro!πŸ˜…
Bridget stepping out of the box!πŸ€—
My adopted child! Mayra.
She let's me do whatever!😎
Christopher was such a hoot!
Diana is just amazing.
We went "curly" changes are great!
Pat keeps getting shorter.
Dawn is getting braver!πŸ˜‰
My friend wanted chunksπŸ˜₯
My grandson dad "my son" would get upset with me for doing this to him.
Now he's messy with his hair!πŸ˜‚
Is it herititory?
My friend Valorie with "Diamonds" in her hair! I wish I could have put teal one's in it!
She is adorable and still lined me after beating g her up for 1 hour and 45 minutes! Just to wash and styleπŸ˜…
She too me a little time!
Isn't she beautiful!
Dawn let me use 3 colors. "FUN"
She gives me a work out!
I got a chance to redo my curly Mohawk on ms Faren.
I got to turn her i to a grape jolly rancher!
My young friend turned herself into my pretty pony!
Photos from Shananageons Salon's post
Photos from Shananageons Salon's post
Another client incognito!
(mary simmons) :-)
She has amazing soft hair!
You know not all hair styles cut everyone short. :0))))
Glenna Rambo wanted to go RED!
She is in cognito. :0))))
But we both love her hair!
Wanda Minter finally went 100% natural! She was heading out to get bigger earrings and fix up her make up for a great shopping weekend!
"Now let it rain and snow! It won't mess up her hair!!!!
That's my hair on the "beautiful"
Cortaa Robinson!
She is as beautiful inside as she is outside!

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