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New growth with highlights and lowlights
Olaplex #3 treatment
Sassy bob and split color collab with La'Nay!

So happy she was able to lighten her that light with 1 session! And she had layers of box color's on there!
Rose gold and lavender!!
[01/28/21]   2 Β½ weeks left of work!!!!
Ahhhhhh its flying by!

PLEASE let me know at least 2 days in advance if you want to change your color! Trying to avoid buying a lot of color before my leave.
Gorgeous ruby red skirting and grey coverage!
Jen's highlights, deep plum lowlight's and deep plum skirting!

Hillary's blue black Bob!:
Partial highlight on Quinn. Purposely left some purple and pink out because she is going to add more color later. Love the way the after looks though! Like cotton candy πŸ’—πŸ’œ

-If she would've wanted that color completely removed, it would've taken 2-3 apts! Semi and Demi rainbow colors are very hard to remove, especially "non-professional" color's. Keep that in mind when coloring your hair!
Deb was tired of growing out her warm blonde highlights. So, I did partial lowlights that matched her natural dark hair. Covered those highlights and look at how natural her color came out! So happy with this!!
Gahhhh i just fricken love her hair!!
Touched up "roots" and refreshed her ends with magenta and deep plum πŸ’—πŸ’œ

She uses Kenra Color Safe shampoo and conditioner to help maintain this color!
100% grey coverage and partial highlights
I HAVE 1 MONTH left of work!!!

I repeat, 1 MONTH
Gorgeous color melt!
Darkest neutral violet brown melted down into Midnight rose😍
Darkest plum brownπŸ’œ
Super cute bob
Fresh perm from a few weeks ago! Love his hair
Deep Mocha with pops of Red
Peach and white color with a mohawk/textured bowl cut!
Partial highlight touch up!
A partial highlight is normally 20-30 foils depending on density of hair. This client had about 30 foils because she has A LOT of hair. Partial is for a natural look (depending on your starting color and color of h/l's)
Full head is for a very bold look and a half is somewhere in between.

Half highlight is about up to 75 foils and a full is around 100 foils.
Hello my people!!
Here my LAST OPENINGS before my maternity leave that begins Feb 14th!!!

All of these spots are available for color/highlighting (depending on what color you're wanting), cuts and waxing services!!!!!

-Tues Jan 26th 1030am, 11am, 12pm or 1pm
-Thurs Jan 28th 1pm
-Tues Feb 2nd wide open from 9am-2pm
-Wed Feb 3rd 1pm or 2pm
-Thurs Feb 4th 12pm or 1pm
When the hair store is out of all the colors you wanted to use, so you have to use a color you've never used before and but turns out beautifully! That's a good day😍
Hello everyone! Beautiful morning today!!

Because I'm 7 months pregnant, I'm only able to do services that are 3 hours or less. If you send me photos or explain to me what you're wanting, I will let you know if I'm able to do it. Also, feel free to ask me questions about services and what exactly they are!!

Clipper cut $15-$25
Scissor cut $25-$40

Root touch up $60-$65
1 process solid color- $65-$85
Solid color melt- $90-$110
Under color-$50-$100
Partial highlights 1-2 colors $65-$85
Partial balayage with toner $100-$125
Cap highlight-$65-$85
Half ombre-$100-$125
A few peekaboos of rainbow color-$65-$85

Malibu clarifying treatment-$15-$20
Deep conditioning treatment-$10-$15

Eyebrow waxing-$12-$15
Lip or Chin $7 each area
Whole face $25-$30 Happy 2021 to all of my amazing clients!
So excited to experience all of the new things 21 will bring!!

1. In just 2, YES 2 months, I'll be a Mommy!!
2. Soon after that, the C.E.Salon will have a new home (later this summer or around fall)

I will be updating my client list and letting you all know the stylist I have recommended you to. And again, I have thought long and hard about who each of you will be with!! Trust me, you'll all be in great hands while I'm off!!

Also, just a reminder!!! My maternity leave starts February 14th!!! I will hopefully only be off 8 weeks. When I come back, I will only be able to work
for a while. I might be able to work a night or 2 during the week, if we can find a trustworthy sitter!!
I have some openings this week!!
-Tuesday 29th 10am haircut or 230pm color or partial highlight's or partial balayage
-Wed 30th 9am color or partial highlight's or partial balayage, haircuts and waxing
-Thurs 31st 9am or 2pm color or partial highlight's, haircuts and waxing

Please comment or private msg me!
Mocha and violet πŸ€ŽπŸ’œ
Enhanced her silver hair with warm blonde abs rose gold!
Loving my Christmas nails!!!
Thank you Samone’s Natural Nail’s & Co. !
[12/15/20]   I am completely booked the rest of this year!!
Dark ash brown
Mother & daughter 😍
Deep red velvet and dark red violet!
I have 1 color opening Friday Dec 18th!!!
10 or 11am!!! I can fit the following...

Partial highlights
Solid color
Partial balayage
Split color
Under color

Please private msg me asap, call salon or text me!
Red Velvet for Tiffanie! 😍
No lightener/bleach was used for this vibrant red! She already had highlight's from before. Just covered everything with a couple different red violets ❀
Oh my goodness it's December already?! Wow!
Here are my openings before Christmas....
Please private msg me or comment to reserve your next appt. They're going fast!!! If you have my cell number, text me!

--Wed Dec 9th 12pm-Haircut or waxing

--Tues Dec 15th-10am or 2pm- Accent highlights or lowlights, haircuts, waxing or malibu trmt

--Wed Dec 23rd-10am- Root touch up, accent highlights, haircuts, waxing, treatments

--Thurs Dec 24th 8am, 9am or 10am, Color, partial highlights or lowlights, haircuts, waxing, treatments
Photos from Hair Me Rohr's post Happy Turkey Day to you all!

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