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[11/24/14]   Dry skin season is upon us and It's time to start thinking about Christmas gifts ;) get your body butter today! I have lavender mint and fizzy pop which is a citrus lavender. If your looking for a specific scent let me know and I may be able to make it for you!
[10/10/14]   Dry skin season is upon us! I'll be making a couple batches of body butter this weekend so if you're in need or just want to be prepared shoot me a message!! I'm thinking one scent may involve grapefruit 😍
[05/22/14]   So I got a text from a customer today that cracked me up ;) here it is
Do you have any more body butter? I used some on my feet last night! You probably aren't aware but I have the feet of a aborigine tribesmen. They look like actual girl feet this morning :)
This made me feel pretty darn good!!
[05/20/14]   Well today I'm thinking I may try my hand at some coffee flavored lip balm 😄 or perhaps coffee/coconut.
[05/20/14]   Right now The body butter scents I have are lemongrass/patchouli and orange/coconut. Let me know if you have a request ;)
[05/19/14]   Well I already sold out of orange coconut lip butter but I'll be making another batch this week so let me know if you need one ;) I also have orang mint balm and rosemary mint as well!

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