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Massage Therapy for Performance - Equine Wellness Magazine "You might think massage therapy or bodywork is just for accident recovery and injury rehabilitation or that it's simply a way to make your horse relax and 'feel good'. These are common applications, but Equine Massage Therapy does even more. It not only helps prevent injuries, but also enhances an athletes performance through the assessment and treatment of pain, restriction, and imbalance." It’s not just for recovery and rehab! Equine massage therapy can also help your horse perform well by maintaining better health.
Grains & Manes Farm Equine Massage Therapy "The effect of therapeutic elastic kinesiology tape is based on its ability to interact with the skin and associated neuro- and mechano-sensory receptors. When applied properly, the tape allows full range of motion during activity, thereby allowing it to be used during training, which can be advantageous in rehab programs." equinesportsmassage Why Equine Massage is not just for existing soreness issues. The #1 Horse Information Resource. Horse Trainers give horse training advice and horse product manufacturers provide horse product and horse health information.
Grains & Manes Farm Equine Massage Therapy "Back pain causes improper biomechanical action of the entire horse. Instead of traveling in a collected frame, the horse moves with a dropped back, an elevated head and neck, and trailing hindquarters. With these constraints placed upon him, the horse has no choice but to put most of his weight on his front feet. Over time, this improper movement contributes directly to skeletal and muscular damage to the areas of the spinal column, stifles, hocks, forelegs and front feet."
Grains & Manes Farm Equine Massage Therapy "The difference in the horses who are warmed up in this way is quite obvious, not just in their way of going but also in their attitude."
Agile Equine My website is published, visit to check it out! I'm open and ready for business! Call or email [email protected] to schedule your appointment today or to receive more information about what I do! Carly Hansen Equine Sports Massage Therapy
Agile Equine

Agile Equine

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