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Recent social media posts by Anytime Fitness Munising Learn How to Set Goals That Matter to You and Achieve Success | Anytime Fitness Goals are like snowflakes, each one is unique! We're sharing our favorite goal setting tips that will help you find success at each step in your journey. Think about the last big goal that you have reached in your lifetime. It could be a promotion, a personal best, or even a task that you were proud to complete. Think of how hard you worked to get there and how rewarding it felt to literally or figuratively check off that box.
If you missed the viral TikTok, this is your chance to read the heartwarming story of two AF members who found competition and friendship on the purple turf. Grab a tissue (yes, it's a tear jerker!) and head over to Coach. Care. Connect to read about the special bond that formed between rivals, Megan and Bobby: #AFlove 💜
We’re obsessed with these banana pancakes, and we promise you and your family will be, too! They’re a healthier alternative to traditional flapjacks, with the same yummy, made-from-scratch taste—but without the mess! Get the full recipe here: 🍌🥞 How To Effectively Foam Roll Your Upper & Lower Body | Anytime Fitness Fact: foam rolling is one of the best ways to help your muscles recover and feel restored after a tough workout. (Science agrees!) But before you get rolling, check out this helpful how-to that will show you how to get the most out of your roll sesh! Foam rolling is a popular, easy method of self-massage that can help with injury prevention, head and neck pain, and sore muscles. If you’ve ever visited a physical therapist, they likely recommended the practice for muscle soreness. However, they might not have told you an additional benefit: tha...
Making a grocery list before heading to the store doesn’t just save you time, it saves you money, too! Screenshot this list, then head over to Coach. Care. Connect for simple meal and snack ideas, plus helpful tips to keep your budget (and fitness journey) on track: 🍎🍌🥬🍞🥩

Do you meal plan? Tell us in the comments!
A squat rack is just a squat rack to some, but not to AF Brodheadsville members Frank and Crystal! For them, it’s where they fell in love—and later tied the knot! Read the full story here: 💍

We are so honored that we got to be a part of your special day, Frank and Crystal. Let’s show the newlyweds some #AFlove in the comments! 💜
[01/19/21]   Our office is closed today, stop in tomorrow 10-4pm. Beginner Strength Workout – How To Get Started In The Gym | Anytime Fitness If you’ve been thinking about incorporating strength training into your fitness routine but don’t know where to start, this guide is for you! First, head over to Coach. Care. Connect and then get ready to make some serious gains in the weight room. You got this! 💪🏼 Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on pinterest Share on email If you’re a new member at Anytime Fitness, welcome! We’re so happy
Skip the takeout and make this healthier twist on a Chinese cuisine favorite instead! In just minutes, you can serve up this delicious dish right from home:

Try it with shrimp, or swap for your favorite protein instead! 🍤🍗🥩 How to Build Routines Even if They Haven't Stuck in the Past | Anytime Fitness Consistency is the key🔑 to making healthy happen, but sometimes, it can be the hardest part. In this how-to, we’re showing you how to develop healthy habits AND how to stick to them in a few simple steps. Don’t miss it! Have you ever planned to get up in the morning to start that new workout program but snooze the alarm to get a little extra shuteye? Maybe you plan to eat healthy this week but end up getting fast food and saying you'll start next week. We have all been there, seriously. We have ideas about what the...
The word “conditioning” has gotten a bad rap, and we’re here to change that!

…Starting right now with this full-body conditioning workout that anyone can do: Ready, set, GO! 💪🏼 What Is Collagen and How Does It Work? | Anytime Fitness By now we’re sure you’ve heard about collagen, but if not, now you have! 😉

If you’re not sure what collagen is, or how to use it, head over to Coach. Care. Connect to find out what this protein-packed supplement is all about. You’ll thank us later! Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on pinterest Share on email We’ve been hearing a lot about protein in recent years. It seems How to Safely Use the Leg Press, Leg Curl and Leg Extension Machine | Anytime Fitness Ready to have a serious leg day in the gym, but not sure where to start? You’re not alone, which is why we put together this helpful guide that will introduce you to just a few of our favorite leg machines. Let’s get to it, #AFfamily! 💪🏼 Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on pinterest Share on email There are so many incredible machines at the gym to benefit all the Cilantro-Lime Chopped Chicken Salad | Anytime Fitness Say goodbye to boring salads and hello to this delish Cilantro-Lime Chopped Chicken Salad! You'll seriously put this recipe on major repeat after giving it a try. Don't say we didn't warn you! Prep 10 Minutes Servings 8 Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on pinterest Share on email Salads get a bad rap. From bland and Clean Up Your Diet With 30 Days of Clean Eating | Anytime Fitness No, this isn't another Whole30. We promise! This clean eating challenge is less about restriction and more about creating healthy relationships with our eating habits that will last far beyond the 30 days. If you're looking for a kickstart to your 2021 goals, head over to Coach. Care. Connect. for all the info! 💜 Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on pinterest Share on email Who doesn’t love a good challenge? Most people who walk into a gym
Peanut butter lovers, this one is for YOU! 🥜 Simple to make, delicious to eat and easy to store for your next sweet-tooth-induced craving, these energy balls are the perfect bite-sized snack that will keep you full (thanks to the protein powder and peanut butter) until your next meal.
From bananas to protein shakes and (almost) everything in between, we're filling you in on all the foods that make the best pre-workout options to give a majot boost to your workouts. Head to Coach. Care. Connect. to learn what to eat and when to eat it before you hit the purple turf! 🍎🥑🍌🍊
Join now for only $1 down! Now is the best time to join, give us a call for more information or any questions you have 906-387-2220
Anytime Fitness Munising's cover photo Warm-Up Stretching 101: Best Stretches to Do Before Your Workout | Anytime Fitness Repeat after us, "I will never skip my warm-up!"

It may seem like a waste of time, but trust us, warming up is crucial to your success on (and off!) the purple turf. If you make any resolutions this year, make warm-ups a priority before every workout you do! Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on pinterest Share on email Table of Contents If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a
Happy New Year #AFfamily! Are you new to the gym? First off, welcome! We're so happy you're here. If you're looking for a good place to start in your fitness journey, this article can help you as you find your way: 💜
Happy New Year! Stop in today and join for only $1 down! 10am-4pm give us a call for more information 906-387-2220
2021 is all about YOU and meeting your goals, together. We've got 10 tips you won't want to miss that will help you stay on track in your fitness journey. Check them out: Why Recovery Is Essential—And How to Do It | Anytime Fitness Recovery helps you avoid:

💪🏼 burnout
💪🏼 muscle fatigue
💪🏼 soreness

But how do you recover? We'll give you a hint: it doesn't involve a Netflix binge. 😉 Head to Coach. Care. Connect. to find out! You’ll be happy to learn that rest days are an essential part of your fitness journey. That’s right, people! Get rid of the feeling of failure you have for not hitting the gym seven days a week. But if you think rest days are for laying completely perpendicular on the couch, think again. Taking ... The Risks and Rewards of Protein Bars | Anytime Fitness Not all protein bars are created equal and we want you to have all the facts before making your next protein-packed purchase. Head to Coach. Care. Connect for the deets! Staying fueled for whatever lifestyle you have is really important, and if you’re rushing somewhere before or after your workout, thinking about protein matters, too. Protein bars might seem like the solution to your problem: they’re prepackaged, easy to find at the grocery store, usually delici... No Equipment Necessary: The At-Home Circuit Workout You Can Do Anywhere | Anytime Fitness Don't wait until the New Year to make healthy happen! Head to Coach. Care. Connect. for a workout you can finish anytime, anywhere. 💜 Question: What’s your favorite type of workout? Are you a runner, weight lifter, yogi, etc.? Do you prefer to mix things up now and then, or do you stick to your routine? If you like mixing things up, you’re going to love circuit training workouts, which is what we’re talking about today!
If there’s only one thing you read all day, let it be this article with nine easy and better-for-you dessert recipes that the whole family will love: We promise you won’t regret it!
Have a safe and healthy Christmas! 15-Minute Ultimate Leg Blaster Workout | Anytime Fitness Friends don’t let friends skip leg day, especially when it only takes 15 minutes or less. 😉

Tag your fitness pal in the comments to spread the word and then head over to Coach. Care. Connect. for the full workout! Friends don’t let friends skip #LegDay, so that’s why we’re bringing you this mini leg blaster circuit workout that will strengthen your lower body and leave you feeling the burn the next day—in a good way!
If you feel like you’re running on “E” lately, check out these six self-care tips that will help you refill your tank and keep you moving forward: ⛽️ 22 Grab-And-Go Healthy Snacks You’ll Love | Anytime Fitness In need of a little snack-inspo lately? Well, you’re in luck because we’ve put together a list of our favorite snacks for when you're in a pinch. The best part? They’re easy to make and they won’t knock you off track while you make healthy happen!

What’s your go-to snack? Tell us in the comments! Snacking has a bit of a bad reputation. You’re trying to lose weight or stay on track in your fitness journey, so you think cutting out snacks during the day will help. Fewer snacks = fewer calories = lost weight, right? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple! Start Your Day with This Morning Circuit Workout | Anytime Fitness Monday = a new week = a new chance to make healthy happen. See how that works? 😉 💜

Head over to Coach. Care. Connect. for a workout that will start your day—and week—off right! You got this, #AFfamily When do you like to hit the gym? Are you a morning workout person, or do you prefer to move later in the day?
Trust us, you're going to want to go ahead and give these make-ahead crustless quiches a try. Bonus: you can customize with your favorite ingredients so go ahead and get cooking! 30-Minute Full-Body Circuit Workout | Anytime Fitness If you've got 30 minutes, you've got time for this fun and effective full-body workout! Get to it, #AFfamily. 💪😉 If you haven’t had circuit training FOMO, you’re about to!
Have you wondered what "functional training" *actually* means? You're not alone! We're giving you the 411 on this style of training and how it fits into your fitness journey. Head to Coach. Care. Connect. to learn more:

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