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Happy New Year BMT Community!

What a year it was. It wasn't the year we intended nor ever imagined but we are so proud of the way we got through it.

We are grateful for our team and our community and the support we've received. We have always put safety first and we will continue to do that in 2021.

We are planning on reopening the studio on Monday, January 11th. We'll be in the studio M-F next week to get your appts scheduled for Jan-March.

Our 2021 focus is on HEALING. We believe we can have a slow and safe return to normal. As we continue down this road we are happy to be slow, intentional, and continue to base our decisions on science and the facts at hand.

Thanks for always asking questions, sharing needs and letting us know how we can help you find Healing and find Balance.

Massage Therapists will be prioritized in the vaccine queue line. We're still in the early stages of figuring out what this means and the timeline. We, however, have let both the Washtenaw Health Department and the State of Mi's LARA that we are happy to assist them figure it out anyway we can!

We love being able to share good news!

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Balance Massage Therapy

We wish you and your family a Christmas full of love and joy! We look forward to seeing you in the studio again in January! Final day for our Holiday Gift Cert sale. Our holiday gift cert sale ends today. Josie & Chris are playing the role of FD Elves today.Call 734.660.5919 to order or stop by the studio. We'll be here until 4pm! We love helping you find Balance this holiday season. BALANCE MASSAGE THERAPY | 734.660.5919 | MERRY CHRISTMAS BMT COMMUNITY! Josie & Chris are playing the role of BMT elves today
Did you know that Chris and I also own MoonWinks?

In the early days many of you found Balance through MoonWinks! If you are one of our clients that comes to enjoy an afternoon in Dixboro, we've got good news.

You can now purchase MoonWinks gifts certs online too. They make great stocking stuffers and are a great compliment to a massage!

Check out our gift cert link!
And find another way to help support your local small business!
Good Morning BMT Community!

We are grateful for you. We wanted to share some of the things that are making our hearts happy this holiday season.

Please feel free to share yours too! We believe in the power of gratitude and sharing positive energy with our world.

Thank you for being a part of that!

-Josie, Chris & the 1BMT Team Give the gift of Balance this holiday season. (Treat yourself too!) Give the gift of Balance this holiday season. (Treat yourself too!)All the info you'll need to find Balance this holiday season! Here is all the info you need to find Balance this holiday season. 734.660.5919 | Hello BMT Community! There are 4 days left until Christmas. We've got great ways that you can fin
A heartfelt thank you to everyone that has sponsored rent.

Don't forget elf hours are happening too!! We're here 11am-4pm everyday until Christmas.

Today is the perfect day to pick up some gifts. People love opening up the gift of massage on Christmas morning!

Call us at 734.660.5919 to purchase them over the phone, drop by our ELF HOURS 11am-4pm, or visit our online gift cert store. It's a very BMT Virtual Tip Jar! We had people ask us how they could tip our 1BMT team so we created the BMT VIRTUAL TIP JAR! On behalf of our entire BMT team THANK YOU for everything you mean to us! We sure look forward to seeing you in the studio soon. Clients were asking how to tip our 1BMT team this holiday season. We've got your back! A HOLLY JOLLY TIP JAR! We've had a lot of clients reach out and ask how they could get a tip to their therapist.
Christmas is in 7 days! We've got your back.

Visit our online Gift Certificate store here:
7 days till Christmas!

Playing the role of FD elf today is Josie!!

BMT studio will be open from 11am-4pm today.

Stop by or call to get your gift certs, make a rent donation, and leave a tip for your therapist!!


Also stopping by to Christmas Carol (distanced) is encouraged.
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at BMT!!

Ashley is playing the role of FD Elf today from 11am-4pm.

You can stop by our call 734.660.5919.

8 shopping days left! We've got your back.
9 shopping days left. Plenty of time to help you and your loved ones find Balance for Christmas.

We're here 11am-4pm everyday until Christmas to help make your holidays stress free!

We're so proud of rolling out our Small Business Donation Drive. We share 3 things you can do to help your favorite small business and how these impact BMT.

A different kind of year requires a different kind of donation drive. FACEBOOK FIRST ALERT!

Our 2020 Donation Drive is dedicated to helping save small businesses. We're going to provide ways you can support your local small businesses both monetarily and by taking action.

Like many small businesses around, operating costs are the expenses that keep on ticking whether you're open or closed due to COVID.

At BMT we're offering our community a chance to SPONSOR RENT to help us during the pandemic. It is never easy to ask for help and we thought sharing the cost of rent per hour gave our community a chance to literally keep the doors open and know exactly where their funds are directed.

Look for our full email with info later this week, if you want a sneak peak on our "SPONSOR RENT" page - check this out:
Happy Monday!! Our BMT Elf hours kick off today.

We're in the studio today from 11am-4pm.

Playing the role of elves today are Chris, Josie, and Ashley.

We're excited to talk to you and see you.
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We're hanging up this sign today to remind our clients that we'll be having

BMT ELF HOURS starting on Monday through Christmas Eve!
FACEBOOK ALERT: Our website is updated with our holiday sale info. You can even purchase the Massage Bundle on the site this year.

I'm working on adding a way to sell hoodies and t-shires online too! Stay tuned! BMT Holiday Gift Certificates Sale Things may be a bit different this year but we're finding ways to help you experience the magic of Balance this holiday season. Check out our Gift Cert order form and look out for our BMT ELF HOURS! Find ways to shop safely and find Balance this season. 734.660.5919 It's the holidays at Balance! Things might feel a little different this year, however, we are determined to be
Balance Massage Therapy's cover photo

Our Gift Cert sale is kicking off this week. We have an online order form that can help you shop safely and give the gift of Balance to your family and friends. (And you....who are we kidding!)

We also are having BMT ELF HOURS if you want to stop by the studio and see your favorite BMT FD elves.

We'll be sending the email tomorrow morning, but feel free to click on the following link if you want to get your orders in early.
Balance Massage Therapy A very special message from Mike, BMT's King Of Awesome. A very special message from Mike, BMT's King Of Awesome. Mike shares about his road to happy and his time with Balance. Click on Mike to hear his message to our community and read his note below! Hi BMT Community, This year has brought many unexpected chall
FACEBOOK FIRST ALERT: Stay tuned for a very important message from BMT's King of Awesome, Mike!

We'll be sending an email a bit later today. Watch this space. BMT Closure | Thru Jan 11th Please see take a few minutes to learn about our decisions for an intentional closure through January 11th and how we're going to try to still make our holiday season feel special!

- Thank you for being a part of our community! We appreciate you so much!

- Josie & Chris Please take a few minutes to learn about our intentional closure and the holidays at BMT WE WANT TO STAY CONNECTED WITH OUR BMT COMMUNITY DURING OUR CLOSURE! The 2nd Wave of COVID is surging throughou
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From our BMT family to yours we wish you a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

During this very difficult year, Chris and I have said on many occasions how thankful we are to have a team and community that is so very supportive!

Now --let's eat some turkey and watch those Lions lose!

We've made the very difficult decision to close for the holiday seasons. We've always felt we could provide a safe workspace for our team and a safe environment for our community when we can control our variables.

However, with this 2nd up tick of COVID cases in MI and the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays - we don't think we can control enough variables to provide the safety we need to remain open.

Our # 1 priority has been to create a safe space if we don't think we are capable, we believe the Balance way is to shut down during this spell.

January 11th is 2 weeks after Christmas. We feel this will be the appropriate time to weather any family and communal spread that happens over the holidays.

We'll be sending emails throughout our closure on things we can all do to help BMT survive this 2nd wave.

We have never been more hopeful for the news that a vaccine is around the corner and that we'll be able to massage clients who have had COVID.

Please check your emails for more info as we move through this.

We appreciate your continued support and encouragement during these times.

You are the reason we keep fighting and putting in the work!

-Josie & Chris
[11/25/20]   Wednesday SAME DAY Openings:

Brian: 2:30, 4:00, & 7:00
Matt: 2:30 & 4:00
Dan: 3:30

Call 734-660-5919 to snag one

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